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The best mobile number tracker allows you to trace any mobile phone using Google Maps services. By using Google Maps, you can get the mobile phone number, owner name, address, current location, and other information about the mobile phone.

Our new online mobile tracker uses Google Maps to provide you accurate and reliable information because, through Google Maps, you get information like mobile number, owner name, location, and address, which is very reliable because it is verified by Google, through Google Pin.

Let us know how to track mobile number through Google Map and what search result you will get from it.

First of all, you should know that when you search live location, exact location, current location of any mobile on google map, all mean same for GPS phone tracker. Because in all these searches Google Map Tracker or GPS Tracker has to use the same method.

You can get the exact location of any mobile number by using Google Mobile Tracker by Google Map.

To find or trace, exact location of any Indian mobile number, you have to click on Live tracker and follow the given instruction.

The information received by mobile number tracking from Live Tracker includes the current and live location of the mobile number along with the name and address of the owner. The information provided is 100% free, so you can use it countless times.

In India, most people from Karnataka use mobile number tracker with Google Map after Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana.

In India, most people from Karnataka use mobile number tracker with Google Map after Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana. Similarly, in the USA, people using Mobile Number Tracker with Google Maps use the greatest number of people from Virginia after North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois, Georgia, New York, Texas, Florida, California.

If you do not know, then let us tell you that our mobile number tracker, the best mobile number tracker with Google Map, is called that because it also provides information about your nearby places on Google Map.

Apart from India, our mobile number tracker provides its real-time mobile phone live tracking services for free in the countries of Asia, Europe, and the Gulf, including the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Australia.

To trace a mobile number's current location through satellite, use our mobile number tracker. By using Mobile Tracker, you will receive the exact location of the mobile phone on a Google Map in just 5–10 seconds.

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Trace mobile number current location through satellite

All smartphone has a build-in GPS application installed, and is used for ease of navigation. It is also used to find out the current location of the mobile number through satellite if needed.

You will get this information on tracking mobile number through satellite.

Active ServicesReal Time Information Collected by Satellite
Real Time Locationlatitude and longitude of mobile phone
Distance measurementSpeed ​​information if the mobile user is changing his/her location
Time ZoneDate and Time for Mobile Location
Weather informationWeather information near mobile location
See traffic near youGet traffic status or Places along the way.
Events on your routeConcerts, Parades, Marathons, Sporting events.
Real Time LocationAltitude above sea level (if a fourth satellite is also used).

To measure the height of an object from the ground by satellite, the height of sea level is taken as a scale.

Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google map India

In the year 2022, the best changes have been made to the Google Map service so far, this series has connected all the users of Google My Business directly to Google Maps.

After this important feature of Google Map goes live, the call recipient can easily identify the mobile number. For example, if a call is made from a mobile number listed on Google Maps, the call recipient will automatically receive the caller's name, address, exact or live location and photo.

Post card is sent through India Post for verification of information to be entered on Google Map from Mumbai office of Google. Therefore, the information entered on Google Maps can be trusted with 100% guarantee.

Even after entering the business name on Google Map, you can track the mobile number including location, photo.

If your mobile phone is Android based, then you have to open Google Chrome on any of the computer, tablet and mobile and login to Google Chrome by Gmail id, then type find my device in Google search box and press enter. As soon as you press enter, Google will automatically tell you the location of the phone.

iPhone users, after opening the website on Google Chrome and Safari browser, can login and find the real time location of the iPhone by clicking on find my iPhone.

What is mobile number tracker?

Mobile Number Tracker is a type of software that is capable of tracking the real time location of your mobile through any of the Internet services of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, VoLTE. Mobile Number Tracker is also available on online web-based platform with both Android and iPhone (IOS) operating system. Google and Apple mobiles provide this mobile phone tracker inbuilt in their respective operating systems. In recent years, mobile manufacturers like Samsung, Vivo, Mi, Oppo have also started giving this feature pre-installed.

Mobile Number Tracker with Current Location Online

There are mainly three companies in the world that provide the facility to track mobile number’s current location online through maps. In this series, Google Map is on the first place with 87% market share, which provides its services with Google Chrome and its Android operating system, that too absolutely free. In the second place is Apple Mobile with 13% market share which is providing Apple Maps facility only to its iPhone users. The third company is Microsoft which makes its Bing Map available to everyone for free.

Apart from those some mobile handset manufacturers are providing build-in NUMBER TRACKER ONLINE APP for tracking mobile location.

Number Tracker Online

  1. Apple iPhone: All older iPhones, including the Apple iPhone 14 and Apple iPhone 13, have a builtin Find My Device admin app, which can be logged on to The information that gives you about the location of the mobile is 1 minute old. Apple iPhone's online number tracker can be given a 5-star rating out of 5-stars.
  2. Find my mobile Samsung: Samsung provides built-in Find My Mobile application in all its smartphones. This app also provides you the recent call history along with the location of the mobile. Samsung's online number tracker can only be given 4-Star out of 5-stars as it takes about 30 seconds to 45 seconds to get the location of a mobile phone.
  3. Xiaomi Cloud: Xiaomi also offers built-in online number tracker. Which can be used by logging in through mi account.

Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map

As we have told you that Google Map is in the first place with 87% market share, that's why a large number of mobile number tracker software and applications are available with Google Map on the online website and Android Play Store. website is one of the best websites that provides mobile number tracker with google map. This facility is provided 100% free of charge to you on the website.

How Can I Trace Mobile Number Exact Location on map?

To know the exact location of the mobile phone, you must know the name of the operating system of your mobile phone. For example, if your mobile phone is of Android operating system, then you must have the email id of Gmail to see the Exact Location of the mobile number on the map. Similarly, it is mandatory for the iPhone user to have the email id of

How Can I Trace Mobile Number Current Location with Address?

To trace mobile number exact location with address, Google Maps is the best option because Google Maps organizes the search results according to the geo location of the searcher. As soon as you enter any mobile number or name in Google Map, Google Map gives the details of the name, mobile number and location available from its world-wide database.

The worldwide data of Google Maps received from the satellite is capable of providing the exact location of any mobile phone, because Google's mobile tracker pings the current location of the mobile phone through GPS.

Currently, more than 98% of the mobile number trackers used by the people of India and America use the free online GPS services of Google Maps to locate the phone.

Trace Mobile Number India 2022

In the year 2022, the facility of Trace Mobile Number for Indians on our website is ensured to be provided by Google Map and GPS Tracking, this facility will be completely free in India and no credit and debit card will be required to use the facility Also no registration is required. All you have to do is visit the website and select the Trace Mobile Number India option.

Trace mobile number exact location on map

Trace mobile number current location online

Sharing the Individual identity like name and address details are not encouraged by your country law, Hence there are no such directory available for mobile number. But we may help you to locate the owner with our phone tracker, which will find the exact location , network, service operator, information & circle.