Find phone number by name

In keeping with personal privacy, when searching for a phone number by name, you will need the permission of the person whose number you want to know.

Sharing number details is a personal decision; hence, the information will be available to you only after getting permission.

Phone number search by name:

  • Create an account
  • Verify your Email id and phone number
  • Search member by name
  • Send Connect with me or add Circle request
  • Wait for Approval

Find someone by their phone number

Finding someone by their phone number is now possible with us. You just need to subscribe to our plans as per your choice. All registered users can avail of the facility of location sharing, including telephone owner name, phone number tracking, driving speed, and text messaging.

When finding someone by their phone number, the location feature may not be available due to the privacy of the subscriber. You need to ask your friends, family members, and co-workers to share their location with you; without their authorization, you cannot use location services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find who owns a phone number?

With us, our subscribers can get mobile number details like the owner’s name, circle, state, and time zone for free.

Can I share or track someone location with and without approval?

No, as per Google's privacy policy, no one can track someone without their consent. If someone shares the location with you, in this situation, you can get the location.

Can I check sim card number online?

No, don’t do this on the Internet, because it is a completely illegal and punishable offense. If it is very important to do this then you will only have to contact the telecom operator.

Terms of usage: -

Guest users can only get the circle name, circle code, category, and geographical area information of a mobile number based on telephone numbering, the main source of which is Wikipedia. We do not record numbers. We use the first 5 digits of a mobile number to identify the registered circle and operator, and the information may not be accurate in the case of MNP.

Sharing personal identification details such as name, address, and location is not encouraged by law, so there is no such telephone directory available for mobile numbers.