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We discovered four new features in Google search for the year 2022. Google has claimed that these features will help Google Maps look and feel like the real world. Actually, Google is working on a visual and easy-to-use map that will allow users to experience the location of a business, address, and mobile number. Users will feel as if they are actually there. During its event, the company showcased four new ways to help upgrade Google Maps.

Google map neighborhood vibe feature

If you are going for a walk around your house, it becomes difficult to find out what to explore, what is new. But now, in this new update, Google Maps has brought a solution for this. Soon, Google is preparing to launch a new Vibe feature. Using it, users will be able to select a place near them and see the most popular places on the map through photos and information from the Google maps community. Google uses local information as well as AI to learn the environment of these places. Let us tell you that reviews, photos, and videos will also be partners in this. Neighborhood Vibe will be rolling out on both Android and iOS in the coming months.

Google map immersive view feature

Google also mentioned about the immersive view feature at I/O earlier this year. With the help of this feature, users can get a multi-dimensional view of that area for important information like traffic, weather. Now Google is launching more than 250 photorealistic aerial views of areas spanning from the Tokyo Tower to the Acropolis.

Google map live view feature

Three years ago, Google introduced a way that people could see themselves as they walked with Live View. This feature overlays arrows and directions right on top of the world, and now Google is working on an in-build technology to launch a new feature called Search with Live View. Suppose you are in an unknown city and you want to withdraw money from an ATM. In this case, a user can search and locate ATMs in that area by searching with Live View. Not only that, but you will also be able to visit various locations, including grocery stores, coffee shops, and transit stations.