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Search Mobile by IMEI Number

Mobile Number Tracker Find lost or stolen phone

Find Mobile by IMEI Number : Your mobile is also lost or stolen somewhere and want to know how to find stolen mobile (by IMEI number and Gmail ID) and how to find mobile by IMEI number, then in this post we are going to tell. Along with this, we will also tell how to lock the stolen mobile and how to remove the IMEI number of the mobile, because with this you can find your mobile.

Friends, today almost everyone has a mobile. Even though you will not eat food for one time, but one time cannot be lived without mobile.

Often the thief throws the SIM card out of the mobile, so how to find the mobile phone without the SIM card will also be given in this article.

If you want to know the location of lost mobile of yours or your friends or family, that too with the help of Mobile IMEI Tracker, then in this article we are going to tell how to track lost Android phone using IMEI number on PC.

All our important documents, personal data and files reside in mobile itself. In today's busy routine it is possible to distract our attention and by taking advantage of this thieves steal the phone.

In such a situation, we have to face a lot of problems. So, let's know how to find stolen phone with the help of IMEI and how to track switched off mobile.

How to Search Mobile by IMEI Number

Friends, we know how important mobile is in our life, that's why we are going to tell in detail in simple words how to search mobile by IMEI number. Every mobile has a unique IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number.

Which is written on the outside of the packaging box of the mobile and above the battery slot of the mobile. Which is used to locate the lost mobile. If you are not getting the IMEI number, then it is explained below how to remove the IMEI number from the mobile itself.

How to Find IMEI Number of Mobile

First open the Mobile's Phone (Dialler) app, then type this code *#06# After this two IMEI numbers will appear in your mobile screen, IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 because every mobile has two IMEI numbers. With the help of these two IMEI numbers, stolen mobiles are found.

After getting the IMEI number of the mobile, go to the nearest police station and register an FIR for theft of the mobile and also give information about the IMEI number, based on that the mobile IMEI number location will be tracked. By which mobile without SIM will also be available.

On registering the FIR, a Complaint Number is received and keep it in writing as it will be needed to lock the mobile.

Block Mobile by IMEI Number Online

How to lock mobile from IMEI Number - Friends, if your mobile is stolen, then in most cases that thief either sells the mobile or uses it himself. If you want the thief to not be able to do both of these things, then you can lock that mobile with the help of IMEI Number.

This will make the mobile completely dead. After that the thief will neither be able to sell that mobile nor will he be able to use it. Here you have to use the Complaint number.

How to Know If Mobile is Lost

How to know if mobile is lost from Gmail ID: - If you think that your mobile has not been stolen and you have forgotten by keeping it somewhere or it has been stolen and mobile is on, then we are going to tell you how to find my phone using Gmail account.

The most reliable of the mobile locating apps is considered to be Android Device Manager, which is also called Google Find My Device. You will easily find this app on Play Store. Now let's know how to find lost mobile.

Step 1. First of all, open Google Find My Device and install it by downloading it in any other mobile.

Step 2. After this, open it and log in with the Gmail ID that you used to use in the lost mobile.

Step 3. After this, the number of mobiles in which that Gmail ID will be logged in, the icon of that mobile will be on your mobile screen.

Step 4. Now identify your stolen mobile and click on it.

Step 5. As soon as you click, the Google Find My Device app will try to connect to that mobile and will tell its location.

Now where is your mobile or it will be known. If you had forgotten by keeping it there, then it is a good thing, you will get your mobile. But if it is really stolen then lock it immediately and go to that place and try to find your mobile. Next, we are going to tell the process of locking the stolen mobile. This will make it easier for you to lock your mobile.

How to Block Stolen Mobile

How to block stolen mobile - If you want to block your stolen mobile then you will not need any other app for that. You can lock that mobile only with the help of Google Find My Device App. Along with this, if the mobile is with someone else, then with this app you can play the sound in the mobile so that you can know where the mobile is kept. Let's know how to block Gmail id mobile by finding it.

Step 1. Open Google Find My Device.

Step 2. After This, Tap on The Name of The Stolen Mobile.

Step 3. Now you will see 3 options. Select Play Sound, Secure Device, Erase from which Secure Device.

Step 4. After this, Click on Secure Device, instead of New Password, set up a new password.

Step 5. Then confirm that password in Confirm Password.

Step 6. After that click on Next, here click on OK.

Step 7. After this, you can leave a recovery message if you want. So that if your mobile was lost and someone has found it, then that person can return that mobile after seeing that message. If you want, you can enter your address in the recovery message.

Step 8. Here if you want, you can also enter the phone number of any mobile. So that anyone who has got your mobile can contact you.

Step 9. Then click on Secure Device Button.

Now your device will be completely locked and will open by entering the same password which you have just set. With this, your personal data, documents and files will be safe and the person stealing will not be able to use your mobile.