Welcome to Red Apple Online Services cutting-edge VoIP call service. You are no longer asked to Sign up an account for free online calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Since Red Apple Online Services provides a free call via Internet to mobile service, you shouldn't be concerned about your phone bill increasing while you use it to make calls. With this cutting-edge calling method, you may now conveniently connect to any phone on the planet and transmit your message without interruptions. With a simple yet effective calling service, you can keep in touch with everyone at any hour of the day without having to worry about call costs.

User satisfaction is prioritized, which is why you will enjoy and benefit from calling Free International Calls or national numbers from your computer. The number of calls and their length are limited for an IP address. When this restriction is reached, a call can only be made when the next 24 hours begin. Let's start; follow the instructions outlined below to make a free video call online with Red Apple Online Services.

How to Make Free Online Call?

Step 1: Utilize an Acceptable Web Browser

Red Apple Online Services web phone is truly one-of-a-kind because it is free and genuinely cross-platform. This is accomplished by employing multiple SIP/media engines, compatible with all platforms, such as Java VoIP engine - which operates in all Java-enabled browsers; WebRTC - which runs in all contemporary browsers; Flash VoIP - for compatibility with older browsers.

Step 2: Dialog Permission Box

An error message and an option to visit the appropriate plug-in or technology's official website are displayed if your browser does not fully support them. Your browser might request authorization before using the microphone, speakers, or Java program of the Red Apple Online Services Web Phone. If you don't want this dialog box to appear the next time you use this service, check the box at the bottom of the window. The next time you make an online video calling using Red Apple Online Services's incredible benefits, the program will launch immediately without lag time.

Step 3: Audio Devices

A microphone and speakers should be turned on. Ensure that all audio equipment is functional and properly connected.

Step 4: Dial the Phone Using the Country List

If everything is in order, a country list will appear on the right side of the screen. Use your keyboard to enter the phone number. You can call mobile phones or landlines, so enter the phone number you want to call. Enter the number in international phone number format by first entering the country code, then the phone number to whom the call will be placed.

Step 5: Back to Beginning

Red Apple Online Services initiates the dialing procedure, and a counter displaying the time you have left on the call also shows on your screen. The destination's cost and popularity are among the many variables that affect call length. A red "Hang up" button that you click on will verify that your call has been disconnected.


  1. Download the app and log in with your Facebook or current login information (the. easy way). Alternatively, you can quickly establish a free account.
  2. To acquire the credit points needed to make a free call, click the "Earn Credit" option. Gain extra credit while having frequent, cost-free conversations with loved ones. You can also earn free credit points by inviting your friends to sign up for the same network and enjoy unlimited talking. Reminder: Do locate deals, films, etc., that interest you more to get more credit.
  3. Your points are automatically translated to minutes depending on the country you are calling from. To make a live video call free from that nation, dial the number with the appropriate country code to see how many minutes are left.

    Note: Don't worry if you need more minutes; you can quickly earn enough to make a random video call free. You can also make free international calls from anywhere globally to anywhere in the world.

  4. Enter the desired number into the app's dial pad, press the call button, and the call will be made for free.

    You can also choose from your contacts to make an infinite number of random video calls with pals who are already using Red Apple Online Services.

    Enjoy making unlimited free calls to your loved ones!!

Make Free Calls Online in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Please Visit

    You may now use your web browser to make free online calls. There is no need to download software or plugins to use Red Apple Online Services. You can now call over the internet with a modern web browser like Chrome. To make free calls, open your computer browser and navigate to

  2. Enter Phone Number

    You will notice a dial pad on the Red Apple Online Services main page. Choose the country to call from the drop-down menu and enter the destination phone number. There will be no need for you to provide the country code. Choose your destination country from the drop-down menu and enter your phone number without the country code.

  3. Click on "Call"

    Make sure the number you entered is in the correct format. Click the "Call" button at the dial pad's button after entering the desired number. You will be asked to permit Red Apple Online Services to access your microphone. To connect your call, click "Allow" so we may do so. Don't "Deny" mic permission, please.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes Red-Apple from other free internet-based calling services?

Red Apple Online Services is unlike other over-the-top services such as Skype and Viber in that it provides WIFI-based calling service to mobile and fixed phones. Using VOIP technology, we forward all communications from a web browser to a phone-based endpoint.

How else can I call for free over WiFi?

You can use a variety of free calling apps, but bear in mind that only users with the same app installed on their computer or mobile device can receive your calls. Skype is an excellent example of this. Red Apple Online Services is the only web-browser application that enables users to make free Internet VOIP calls to mobile phones. Red Apple Online Services no longer requires registration for international calling. No payment is necessary. You will not have to deal with the inconvenience of fees and subpar call quality. We connect your web browser connection directly to the mobile or landline phone number. We understand how important it is to remain in touch with your loved ones, so we strive to make international calls affordable and convenient.