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SIM number tracker with name and address

Mobile number tracker Mobile number owner name

Sim Number Tracker : First of all, let us tell you that both SIM number and mobile number are different. As we have been telling in our various articles that SIM Number Tracker and SIM Card Tracking is illegal, and it is a punishable offence. Let us give you more information about this in detail.

Some numbers of 16 to 20 digits are written on the back side of the SIM card given by the telecom operator, they are called SIM numbers and the 10-digit number you have to recharge per month is the mobile number.

Many of your confidential and personal information can be obtained using the SIM number. Therefore, information about the SIM number should not be shared with whom other than the operator.

You also have to keep in mind that the operator will ask for the information of the SIM number only while issuing a new SIM or if the SIM is locked.

For information about the methods adopted by fraudsters and information about their prevention, must read this article of Wikipedia.