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Mobile number owner name India

Mobile number tracker Check Phone Number Owner Name

India had 1.3 billion mobile phone subscribers in 2022, of which about 800 million are smartphone users. It is poised to be the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the next few years.

Having such a large number of mobile phone users means that even more SIM cards are needed. Because most of the users in India use more than 1 SIM card. SIM card provider companies in India are AIRTEL, JIO, Vi, BSNL.

At present, all these companies keep the mobile number details online, so that the name of the mobile number owner can be checked online.

Mobile Number Details

The Telephone Regulatory of India and the Federal Communications Commission of the USA, both direct the telecom operators to issue mobile numbers to the users. This means that all the telecom operators are bound to follow the government instructions.

Following is the government instruction to issue any mobile number:

Photo ID ProofDriving License, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Passport
Address ProofDriving License, Aadhar Card, Passport
Photo2 Passport Size Color Photo
LocationPIN Code Detail

The name of the owner of the mobile phone should be clearly mentioned on all the documents.

Online mobile number details

As per the instructions of TRAI, it is mandatory to enter all the information online through the official app of the telecom operator when the SIM card is issued by the mobile phone retailer.

You should check the SIM card number before leaving the retailer's shop

SIM owner name by mobile number

The mobile phone owner's name, address, location and photo can be checked online as the mobile phone owner's information is uploaded in digital format on the telecom operator's server.

Mobile number tracker and telecom operator's app can track the details of the owner of the mobile number. For this, you have to enter ten digits of the mobile number and follow the given instructions.

Some apps that provide mobile tracking facility are free and some are paid. If you want to track your own mobile phone then you should use build in app of your mobile phone.